SSDs: Straight Talk and Reliable Solutions

GoldenRAM has unparalleled industry experience with every aspect of SSDs, from selecting the highest quality NAND flash memory to developing proprietary software for large networks, to devising custom solutions for the military.

Most computer manufacturers do not make their own SSDs, while charging a premium for those they offer. Companies have also been known to mislead customers by claiming some SSD brands will void their service warranty.

At GoldenRAM you’ll always receive honest, accurate information. Our market dominance, established for more than 25 years, has put us at the forefront of every aspect of Solid State Drives. Our SSD products for companies such as HPE, Dell and Lenovo are 100% compatible to the original products and used by thousands of businesses. Through exclusive agreements with major computer OEMs, we can provide SSDs that do not void manufacturer warranties.

SSD from major OEM: $2,050
Equivalent, warrantied SSD from GoldenRAM: $1,200

Buy with confidence and you’ll be assured of product features that generate high customer ratings, and the reliability that ensures data integrity and extends the life of SSDs.

We offer our industry-leading extended warranty for certain SSDs. Ask your rep for details.
Whether it’s SATA or SAS SSDs, with Golden RAM you can always count on the best price, selection and delivery time.

Through our comprehensive warehouse network, we are often able to offer two-hour rush delivery.

These are the most popular SSDs in our extensive list. Ask your GoldenRAM rep about programs that allow on-site service and support of our SSDs to meet or beat the current service level of your computer manufacturer.

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